The Best Teas for Summertime

June 9, 2022
Teas for the Summer

Why A Hot Beverage is Exactly What You Need During the Hottest Months of the Year

We know it sounds crazy but hear us out: the best way to keep cool during summer is serving yourself a cup of hot tea. No, you didn’t misread that previous sentence. There are good reasons to drink hot tea during the summer. It’s a healthy option, it tastes fantastic, and it can help keep your body cool. In this article, we’ll explain why. 

Ready? Let’s get started.

How Hot Tea Keeps You Cool

Let’s address the obvious question you might have: why drink hot tea during the summer? You can barely walk outside without breaking a sweat, your clothes cling to you, and you can’t feel the slightest hint of a breeze. Why add a hot drink to that uncomfortable setting? 

Here’s the truth: hot tea helps keep you cool during the summer months. Hot tea will cause your body to sweat. Water evaporates faster during the summer, so your sweat will cool your body as it evaporates. (If you’re wondering, the same principle also applies toward drinking coffee in the summer.) 

That’s not the only health benefit to tea in the summer. You can also use it to help your digestion. Why does this matter during the summer? 

Think about all of those get-togethers where you can enjoy several plates of burgers, pulled pork, and ice cream (not to mention any alcohol you consume). We love picnics, but you risk a stomachache when you eat it all under a hot sun. Hot tea can help your digestive system while you’re enjoying summer’s finest casual delicacies. 

Here are some other reasons we recommend a hot beverage during the warmest and stickiest time of year: 

1. Tea makes good use of summertime fruit flavors. If you like fruity drinks, then you’ll probably love some of the tea blends available to you. (More on this below.) 

2. Tea has fewer calories than frozen drinks. We love a Frappuccino as much as the next person, but they’re not the healthiest beverage to enjoy. You can partake in a black or green tea without adding extra calories to your diet or guilt to your conscience. 

3. Tea gives you more flavor options than other drinks. Nothing against coffee, but the flavor palette for tea is far greater than what you’d find in a grocery store or your local shop. You can experiment with more flavors and get a wider appreciation for the type of drinks you’ll enjoy. You can even mix and match different types of teas to create something new.

What Teas Do We Recommend?

That’s our case for drinking hot tea during the summer. Perhaps you’ve never tried tea, and you don’t know where to start. 

Any tea will work during this season, but here are some of our favorites: 

Blackberry Royale. This blend makes use of sweet fruity flavors, including elderberries and pieces of strawberries and raspberries. It can also work as an iced tea, but we recommend using mint on it regardless. 

Blood Orange Fruit Tea. Sweet citrus and light tart—what more could you ask for? This blend makes perfect use of apple, rose hips, hibiscus, and more. 

Summer Time Teas

Lemoncello. Combining sour apples and lemon, this blend is perfect for all times of the day. Its ingredients also include pineapple cubes and guava flakes. 

Mango Tango. Sweet, juicy, and full of extra-large flakes. This tea makes great use of freeze dried tangerine-orange pieces and freeze-dried strawberry slices. 

Crème de Peche. Imagine peaches and cream as a drink. That’s exactly what you’re getting here.

Find Your Favorite Summertime Tea

You’re welcome to visit us to ask more questions about tea and what you might like. But we hope you’ll start this summer season doing something you would never have imagined: keeping cool with a hot cup of tea.