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Strong Black Tea Sampler

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We have brought together a few favorites for our Strong Black Tea Sampler. For those of you that are wanting to consume less coffee, this is the perfect sampler for you.  Most of these blends are 35-40% less caffeine than a cup of coffee, and would make a great substitute for your morning caffeine ritual.

East Frisian Broken Blend – This hearty blend of robust Assam and Indonesian teas is enjoyed in Northern Germany with heavy cream. Weighty notes of tobacco and caramel.

Assam Jamguri Second Flush CTC BOP1 – A rich and invigorating spicy, full-bodied tea from the Nagaon district of central Assam.

Assam Namdang BP – The CTC production method gives this broken tea a very strong and dark-colored cup. The taste is heavy and spicy with a doughy note. Divine with cream and sugar.

O’Sullivan’s Favorite– Our Irish Breakfast blend is a hearty CTC from the premier tea garden in Burundi. Boldly, spicy and aromatic, it carries considerable heft.

English Five o’ Clock Tea– These CTC (crush-tear-curl) leaves infuse quickly, just in time for traditional English tea time. Makes a deep, coppery cup with the intensity of Assam.


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