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Malawi Antlers (Rare Tea)

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This incredibly rare tea from Satemwa Estate is made from the velvety stem of finely plucked spring shoots.  Multiple steeps possible.

Plant Physiology: to produce Antlers, tea bushes with a longer shoot axis are selected.

  1. A shoot, or metamer, comprises leaf, node (the point from which a leaf emerges), internode, and bud; the shoot varies according to how the leaves are arranged on the axis of that particular plant.
  2. A module is an axis formed of metemers.
  3. A fully developed module can be a long shoot or a short shoot.

This tea is produced in Malawi, a small landlocked country located in southeastern Africa.  Most people farm, with agriculture primarily subsistence and cash crop. Their exports do include produce from small landholdings, as well as tea (primarily black tea) and tobacco from large estates.

For Antlers, shoots are picked in March to April and air dried, classifying this as a white tea. This minimal production process also ensures that the shoots retain a bit of velvety sheen.

Only around 50 kg of Antlers are produced annually, making this a rare tea.

The liquor is a slight pink hue. The aroma was floral, sweet, honeyed.

The flavor is smooth, light and fruity, with hints of stone fruits.  Slightly sweet, floral, layers of flavor, without any bitterness and with little astringency.

  • Malawi, Southeastern Africa
  • Floral and sweet with notes of honey. A peach flavor is very distinctive.
  • Medium

Brewing Guide

1-2 tsps/8 oz
2-4 min.


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