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Get Well Sampler

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If you or someone else is feeling under the weather, then our Get Well Sampler is just what the doctor ordered. Whether your trying to boost your immunity, or your fighting a soar throat and chest congestion, this packet has something for everyone.

Decongest Decoction – Echinacea purpurea root, elecampane, ginger root, pleurisy root, licorice root, White Oak bark, cinnamon bark, orange peel, fennel seed.

Super Hero Formula – Echinacea root, pau d’arco, dandelion root (raw & roasted), burdock root, cinnamon bark, sarsaparilla root, sassafras bark, ginger, & stevia.

5th Chakra – licorice, marshmallow, echinacea, orange peel, fennel & cloves.

Echinacea Augustofolia – Echinacea is used for healthy immune system support as well as to support healthy sinus function during times of need. It has also been shown to support healthy respiratory function.

Greek Mountain (Sideritis, Ironwort) – A wild-growing specialty from the Taygetos Mountains, this tea is rich in essential oils and its blossoms, stems, and leaves set free the scent of fresh herbs with lemon.


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