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English Style Black Sampler

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Our English Style Black Sampler is our best of the best, when it comes to that first cuppa early in the morning.

English Breakfast – Robust and malty, this harmonious blend of Ceylon, Assam, Java, & Darjeeling teas will help greet you in the morning in proper fashion.

English Westminster
– There is no doubt that this blend of Assam, Java, & Ceylon teas is more stiff than our English Breakfast thanks to the absence of Darjeeling tea.

English Five O’clock – These CTC (crush-tear-curl) leaves infuse quickly, just in time for traditional English tea time. Makes a deep, coppery cup with the intensity of Assam.

Earl Grey no. 69 – The Earl himself would be smitten by the bold character of this classic. Black teas from China, India, & Ceylon blended with the finest bergamot.


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