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Detox Sampler

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We have brought together some of our best herbs for our Detox Sampler.

Dandelion Leaves & Roots – The common dandelion, enemy of weel-kept lawns, is an exceptionally nutritious and detoxifying food.

Red Clover – Red clover may help reduce the effects of PMS and menopause and reduce the pain associated with menstrual periods.

Nettle Leaf – Its healing properties are well known among various cultures and are part of folklore tradition.

Ms. Lovegood’s Potion – When you’ve been overworked, overindulging, or under stress. Dandelion root, burdock root, grape root, yellow dock root, eleuthero root, milk thistle weed.

Bitter Melon – Great for diabetics, as well as a solid blood purifier.


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