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Darjeeling Balasun Second Flush FTGFOP

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100g.$0.81 a cup$26.45
250g.$0.76 a cup$62.69
500g.$0.72 a cup$118.41

Our Darjeeling is a 2nd flush from the Balasun Estate. The garden lies at an elevation of 400-1350 meters. This high elevation helps to create well -defined or clear notes in the tea. We selected this lot as it offers lively taste characteristics. The initial notes are smooth and flowery, passing into a more pungent feel on the tongue. There is a well-crafted tension between leaf astringency and “muscatel” flavors. Note how it will linger. The leaves cup to a rich, yellow-golden color.

  • Darjeeling, India
  • Smooth and flowery, with pungent back notes.
  • Medium-high

Brewing Guide

1 tsp/8oz
2-3 min


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