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Chinese Sampler

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Our Classic Chinese Sampler is a blend of different basic Chinese green and black teas.

China Rose Black – This fully-fermented leaf tea is steamed with rose blossoms which gives it its flowery, fragrant aroma; gentle brown color in the cup.

China Gunpowder Temple of Heaven – Our USDA Certified Organic Gunpowder Imperial is the highest grade available and comes from the renowned “green tea triangle” in Anhui Province, China.

China Lung Ching – The eastern province of Zhejiang is famous for Lung Ching tea, which has been grown at the western lake Xihu near the city of Lonjing ever since the time of the Tang dynasty. The top quality is carefully dried by hand in pans after wilting and thus receives a flat, emerald-green leaf.

China Wuyuan Jasmine – This bold jasmine handiwork is the specialty of producers in the northern highlands of the Jiangxi Province.


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